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Estimated Costs

Low Cost, Affordable & Professional
Initial set-up - $50
Plus $60 per page

Non profit organisations and Clubs are looked upon favourably

Web page design is a complex combination of code and artwork. The introductory page, i.e. the one you see first is the opening impression the viewer will get of the site they have searched for. The opening page needs to be simple, fast and hold the attention of the viewer. From this page clearly identifiable links to the remainder of the site makes it worthwhile for the viewer to stay and read your site

The costs involved in Web Site production will vary from site to site. To give you a “ball-park figure” for estimating purposes, take the example below consisting of four pages, linked together and to external sites, with your photographs, logos, artwork or simple artwork designed by us.


Ongoing Management fees - negoitable Contact VETWEBS email for more information

Hosting, Email and URL address costs will depends on the Internet Service Provider
So to establish a simple four page site a client would be looking at approx $290 plus URL (address) registration (if required) and Hosting