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This web site is one of many designed and compiled by VetWebs

Your club, business, non profit organisation, interest or hobby can easily be added to the World Wide Web

Advertise your interest to millions of potential visitors


We have developed a design and style that appeals to viewers. Ease of operations and navigation, with links to your desired external sites

Draft copies of the website are available to you on disk, before the final website is uploaded to the World Wide Web

Technology and the potential of the Web has been more than a hobby and recently I studied Certificate IV in Information Technology (Multimedia)

Web Page design is a form of Interactive Art

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Hosting Web Sites - There are different ways to go, here are some, FREE host or Pay host and free with advertising and your ISP home page space

A FREE host is one where the Internet Service Provider provides space on their server at no cost to you. Some ISPs allow Non Profit organisations free space.

A free host with advertising covers the cost of running the site by placing advertising on your page as it is accessed by a end user. You can generally determine where the free adds will pop up, but you have no control on what is advertised. I have placed many web sites on and find their service very user friendly. (I have no ties with Tripod, hold no shares, nor do I have any financial interest in Tripod)

Lastly the Pay Host is where you negotiate space and a contract time to run your web site. Charges vary from site to site and country to country.

Home Page Space is generally provided by your ISP to store files, a web site etc and can range in size from 5 - 20Gb. This space is accessed via a username and password